Here are a few articles that have appeared in our local newspapers over the years:

Dragon on the Loose (a true story about a monitor lizard that terrorizes an other- wise quiet neighborhood)                            

Heart Stone (an anatomical quest for the os cordis in North American Deer)

Monsters of  the Mississippi  (giant fauna of North America's most famous river)

  Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!! (Jalapenos, Jabaneros, chili peppers can't hold a candle to the underground corm of "Indian Turnip" a.k.a. Jack-in-the-Pulpit)  Yeeeeooowwwh!!!

New Species Invades the South (Anacondas in Tennessee?????)

Sasquatch (The legend becomes reality!!!)

Elephants of Tennessee (When Mastodons roamed the hills)

Fairy Rings (Why mushrooms grow in circles)

Halloween Mushrooms (that glow in the dark)

Blue Suckers (a common but rarely seen fish)

Horsehair Worms (started the myth of spontaneous generation)

Hatchie River (a Tennessee Treasure)

Half Mantis, Half Wasp   (strange insect on the window)

Glaciers Were Here When? (one explanation for their periodicity)

You Stink!!! (or the power of scent)

The Enchanted Forest (a cool swamp community)

What IS it ? (you Hickory-Horned Devil you!!!)

And many more to choose from