Questions of the Week



Each week you will find questions posted here.  Be the first in your class to answer one of them correctly, and you will be rewarded with up to 5 bonus points on your next exam.  Be sure and include:  Name, class period or section, and the number of the question you are attempting to answer.  You may keep submitting answers until you get it right with no penalty incurred.  Most of these questions can be answered via the internet using a proven search engine or browser.  I prefer so you may wish to use that one also, but more importantly use one that you are familiar with.  Your textbook may also help.  Check back here often to find hints to assist you if questions go unanswered for more than one week.  Email your answer to  If for some reason your email is returned as "undeliverable", save it (or retrieve it from "sent items") and try again later.  The original time and date of your response will be recorded.  Also, do not attach your answer, but rather include it in the text of your email. GOOD LUCK! and happy hunting.



Questions highlighted in Red have already been answered.

 1.  Identify the bone below?

2.  What species, native to West Tennessee, does this bone belong to?

3.  What does it eat that requires such an apparatus?

4.  Who is the man in the photo below?

5.  Name the species of serpent he is handling?

6.  How old was he when he died, and to what did he credit his longevity?

7.  Identify the species below:

8.  Name the worm that is a parasite of Orthopterans and is the reason some people believed in spontaneous generation?

9.  How long can a human tapeworm get?

10.  What does "Moby Dick" have to do with fine perfume?

11.  What creature has a pair of green glands in its head

12.  What do those green glands do?

13.  What do biologists call a newborn grasshopper?

14.  Instead of a liver, grasshoppers have this?

15.  How many and what type of eyes does a grasshopper have?

16.  According to this YouTube video, what are the 10 strangest animals in the world?

17.  According to this YouTube video, what organism makes up 90% of the cells in the human body?

18.  For most animals, it is the males that perform elaborate courtship displays, are more colorful, sing songs and other advertisements so the females can assess the fitness of their potential mates and choose the best.  But why are humans one of the very, very rare species where it is the females that tend to spend more time with clothing, jewelry, make-up, perfumes, nail coloring, etc.?   Why the apparent role reversal?

19.  Identify the name of the fish bone shown below.  It is also in a state of hyperostosis! 



20.  RAY: I'm going to give you a thousand $1 bills. You come up with 10 envelopes.

Here's your assignment: Figure out a way to put various numbers of dollar bills in those 10 envelopes, so that no matter what amount of money I ask you for, you can hand me some combination of envelopes and always be assured of giving me the correct amount of cash.

TOM: Let me get this straight. If you say, "Give me $637," I can say, "Oh, that will be envelope number one, envelope number six, and envelope number two."

RAY: You got it.

21.  Identify this creature found on the road to Everett's Lake:


22.  Identify the structure in the photo below: