Text Box: This fellow "noodled" this big girl.
What is noodling you ask?
Scroll down.

Text Box: It's a method of catching catfish by making them mad!
or using meat for bait.
Your meat!!!

Text Box: What you do is, you swim or wade around searching in the murky water with your hands until you locate a burrow or other hollowed out submerged structure.

Text Box: Then you feel around and inside the entrance, hoping that there is a female cat guarding her eggs.  But sometimes even a male will attack thinking the intrusive hand is a tasty meal.

Text Box: Once your hand and arm is engulfed, you get a good grip (gill covers are good) and pull the beast to the surface. 
 Caution:  This is not a sport for pansies.  Many have drowned or been otherwise severely injured as you might surmise.