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The Elephant and the Lab

Amazing Photos in History

Brain Games

9 x 7 = 63 right? 

View from the top of the world

Latest Puns

Five Life Lessons

Amphibian Frustration

Dogs make us human

Elephant Birth

this very cool dog

Why pets need a kid

Be Kind to Animals, but?

Absurdity of the English Language

Harmonica virtuoso

Did You Know (The future of humanity?)

Kayakers Nightmare

Fishing Bears

Soccer Playing Pachyderm

Horse Sense

Car Wash Thieves Caught in the Act

Eden's Ridge (hear Kojo Nandi talk about our own Linda Weeks and her new book!)

Ned & Jed  (video of the bi-cephalic red-eared sliders) (a siamese Pike)

Top Ten Reasons to attend DSCC (click to advance PowerPoint Show)

Some DSCC faculty Halloween, 1998

DSCC Space Odyssey 2001 (you must left click to advance the movie, large file, minutes to load)

The Great Florida Debacle (or how welcher's anonymous was founded)

Al Queida ballistics lab (video explains why rock throwing is so popular in mid-east)

Newest Secret Weapon to fight terrorism

Cahaba Towboat Eskimo Roll  (amazing photos)

Watch out for those day-markers (another boating mishap)

Penguin Shenanigans (fowl play in Antarctica)

Father Guido Sarducci (The Five Minute University)

$ for Heaven

The Spread of Islam

The Dead Grandmother Syndrome (by Mike Adams, Eastern Connecticut State University)

Cloaca Art Exhibit (where art meets science?)

GW surveys the situation

Best Optical Illusion Ever and Collection of Illusions and this, another Illusion Website and another Website

Duck Hunter's Nightmare

Whitetail Deer Dispute

Healthy Lifestyles

Home Improvement

Rattlesnake Roundup

Headlines from 2035

Recent works of "Ollie Pyle"  I  II   III   IV   V  VI  VII  VIII

Feline Follies

Where Not to Push a Freighter

Natural camouflage and "she knows how to use it"

Stay in or out of your car while refueling

Physics 101 Velocity x Mass = ?

GW's Economy

Skateboarding Canine

Rough Landing

Complete Nail Care

Fast Food on the Hoof

Male vs. Female (the gender gap explained)

Ceiling Fan NOT a Cat Toy

Best entrance ever to a beach party

Mink Coat Innovation

Parrot extraordinaire  (the most talented bird in the world)

When Fish Attack

Disabled?  Not this Dog

Spider Man (the real thing!)

Spiders on Drugs

Rabbit Attack

The Orangutan and the Dog

No Blondes Allowed (Car commercial)

DSCC Version of Above (Why college is important)

Know your students names

New dunking sport

the cat did it!


The Crow Paradox

Woman with the trumpet lips

World's Strangest Animals

Sasquatch (one reason for the legend)

Modern vs. Old Technology

Valentine's Day Song (by Ken Teutsch)

Mental Help Hotline (good advice if you are mentally challenged)

Get the Point (er)

Flatulence Poem

The Lost Dove Groupies