I am honored and privileged to have recently had the opportunity to portray one of our country's great Presidents.  I also was simultaneously honored to have my bride join me on stage for our marriage ceremony the last night of DSCC's Theatre production of "Mr. Lincoln."  

Click below for pictures of the recent Abe look-alike contest held in Hodgenville, Kentucky:

Mr. Lincoln reading newspaper

Mr. Lincoln's Ghost at his birth place Hodgensville, KY

Mr. Lincoln with Union guards

Mr. Lincoln at local Lion's club

Will the Real Abe Lincoln please step forward?

Winner of  look-alike contest and myself

Young Mary Todd flirting with the guards

The bride arrives    The bride, lucky groom and his family  


   To see (and hear) scenes from the play "Mr. Lincoln" click on the links below:

Abe on growing up poor                                Video from the Play

Abe as Postmaster in New Salem                    Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address

Mr. Lincoln pardons runaway soldiers

Lincoln's all time favorite poem!

An early campaign speech


    I used to think I was a half-way decent actor, but that was soon to change when I lost a bet with my new bride concerning her ability to don a disguise and confront me in public without me knowing her.  I think these pictures tell the story:

Wanda  cognito     Wanda undercover    Close-up of the mystery woman

The pay off        The $3,000 Kiss   

I no longer make wagers with my spouse!