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Each week you will find questions posted here.  Be the first in your class to answer one of them correctly, and you will be rewarded with up to 5 bonus points on your next exam.  Be sure and include:  Name, class period or section, and the number of the question you are attempting to answer.  You may keep submitting answers until you get it right with no penalty incurred.  Most of these questions can be answered via the internet using a proven search engine or browser.  I prefer so you may wish to use that one also, but more importantly use one that you are familiar with.  Your textbook may also help.  Check back here often to find hints to assist you if questions go unanswered for more than one week.  Email your answer to:  If for some reason your email is returned as "undeliverable", save it (or retrieve it from "sent items") and try again later.  The original time and date of your response will be recorded.  Also, do not attach your answer, but rather include it in the text of your email. GOOD LUCK! and happy hunting.



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General Biology I

1.  What is the largest bird (greatest wingspan), native to North America,  that can be found in Tennessee?

2.  A man is driving from the east coast to the west in early autumn.  Somewhere in Kansas he notices that on both sides of the highway is an immense field of a certain cultivated crop.  But oddly enough the plants on the left are green, and the ones to his right are bright yellow.  The crop is all the same age and of the same variety.  What is the plant and the biological phenomenon that he observed.Click for detailed Kansas Flag

3.  What other famous person was born on the same day, month and year as Abraham Lincoln?

4.  This word for a living thing is the both the first and the last (at least in some books)?

5.  You have 10 stacks of gold coins, 10 in each stack, total of 100 coins.  One stack is all counterfeit.  Real coins weigh 10 grams, bogus coins only 9 grams.  The problem is the scale you're using is digital and keeps blowing fuses each time you weigh a coin.  You have one fuse left.  The real coins are ancient and worth millions.  But if you're caught with the bogus coins, when you attempt to pass through customs, you will suffer great turmoil, counterfeiting being a capital offense in Afghanistan.  Your plane is waiting.  With just one weighing  how can you determine which is the counterfeit stack?  It can be done, no magic tricks, but how?  Your life and great wealth depend on it!

6.  What is the most abundant greenhouse gas?

7.  How do cells communicate?

  8. Erica and John are standing in the same cow pasture at the same time.  Erica looks around and sees the same number of bulls and cows in the field. However, John can see twice as many cows as bulls. How can this be and how many cows and bulls are there in the field?

9.  What two languages predominate modern anatomical terminology?

10.  Give a plausible reason why humans are one of the very few animals where the female experiences menopause well before the maximum life span is reached?

11.  Identify the organism in the photo below:

12.  In the photo below is a moth caterpillar.  Identify the species of moth it will morph into as an adult.  Hint.  It eats wild grape vine leaves and Virginia Creeper!


13.  Identify the structure in the photo below:

14.  What happened  Monday, October 27, 2015?  

15.  Name the theory that is supported by the presence of mitochondrial DNA?  

16.  The longest cell in the human body is?  

17.  The smallest cell in the human body is?  

18.  Who is Kristen Byrnes and what did she research?       

19.  How old was she when she published her research?     

20.  What was the title of her research paper?   

21.  What other 2 mammals, besides humans and primates, cannot manufacture vitamin C?  

22.  What is the longest word in the English language, composed of 45 letters, and meaning a lung disease caused by the inhalation of volcanic silica?