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Ken Jones

Associate Professor of Biology

Photo: courtesy Yukon Territory Mounted Police

Education:    M.S.  Wildlife and Fisheries, New Mexico State University
                    B.S.  Forestry and Wildlife Biology, University of Tennessee
                    Diploma:   Christian Brothers High School, Memphis, TN

                        Awards    Won a goldfish at the Dyer County Fair ring toss

 Research:  Survey Of Least Terns along the Lower Mississippi River

                            Click here to see Final Draft of Least Tern Survey Data for 2012

or here for archives from previous years

Areas of Interest: 

Natural and Human history, endangered species, Mississippi river ecosystems, Tennessee Urban Forestry Council, popular science writing, theatre, Research Vessel
Careers in BiologyPhotographs of the river and really big fish:


Saving Turtles with Dennis & Regina  

To see and hear Abraham Lincoln   click here   or here for Mark Twain

Look down the catfish's gullet      To see other really big catfish from Italy, or a big Blue cat caught in Dyer County.  

The man who caught it        Catching a Big One       Gus, a Labrador, licensed to drive:  1  and  2        Regina shows that "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Professional Organizations: 

 The Nature Conservancy, The Audubon Society,  The Association of Lincoln Presenters,

 The Sierra ClubArbor Day Foundation


   Courses Taught:

General Biology I & II   (BIOL 110 & 120) Bio I syllabus Bio II syllabus and associated laboratories.

Video Lectures:   Chapter 1 A View of Life      Chapter 2 Basic Chemistry       Chapter 3 Organic Chemistry Part 1     Part 2

Biol 1110 PowerPoint Lecture Outlines  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 chapter 9 Chapter 12 

Evolution Chapters 15, 16, 17 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22  Chapter 31  Chapter 34  Organ Systems of the Human Body (RNDULCIMERS)

Digestive diagram  Chapter 42  Chapter 43  Chapter 44  Chapter 45  chapter 46  Chapter 47

Biol 1120 PowerPoint Lecture Outlines  Chapter 29   Chapter 30   Chapter 31   Chapter 32  Chapter 35  Chapter 36  Chapter 41  Mammal Lecture  Nature walk  Chapter 23  Chapter 24

Chapter 25   Chapter 26   Chapter 27                                         Bio II Lab review 4/24/07


Why Biology Explains the World

PowerPoint Biology II lab exercises   I  II  and full review for animal kingdom practical I  II  III      

 Study Guide for Animal Kingdom Practical   Online Biology Lessons and Quizzes

Biology I Lab Specimens    Biology II Lab Specimens      

Molecules  Tissues & Mitosis  Bacteria   Protista  Fungi     Human Organs & Meiosis

Biology I Lab Review


Human Anatomy & Physiology  l  &  ll  (BIOL 2010 & 2020) A&P I syllabus  A&P II syllabus and associated laboratories.  Photos of Lab models, etc. click HERE (courtesy Ms. Celia Haler)

PowerPoint A&P I  lab exercises   I    II   III    IV    V   VI   VII    VIII   IX   X   (courtesy Ms. Kami Dykes)  Fifty Fun Facts on the Human Body

PowerPoint A&P  II  lab exercises  I  II  III  VI  V  VI   VII  VIII  Leah's Lab Pics

PowerPoint Biology II lab exercises   I  II  and full review for animal kingdom practical I  II  III       Study Guide for Animal Kingdom Practical

Biology I Lab Specimens    Biology II Lab Specimens      

Biology I Lab Review

 Jeopardy Questions A&P I  and II    Jeopardy Questions Bio I and  II  (Not available until review time)  Biology I TEST 2    Biology II TEST 2

Power Point for Human A&P:   
Chapter 1    Chapter 2     Chapter 3     Chapter 4     Chapter 5    Chapter 6      Pretest

Chapter 7    Chapter 8     Chapter 9     Chapter 10   Chapter 11  Chapter 12    Chapter 13 

Chapter 14   Chapter 15  Chapter 16   Chapter 17   Chapter 18  Chapter 19    Chapter 20 

Chapter 21  Chapter 22   Chapter 23   Chapter 24

Happy Halloween

Study Guides and Review Material:

Questions of the Week Biology 110 (be the first to answer and receive bonus points)

Questions of the Week Biology 120  (be the first to answer and receive bonus points)

 Questions of the Week Zoology 251

Questions of the Week Zoology 252

Charmaine the story of the world's most famous pilot!  (be patient, this takes a couple minutes to download)

Dangerous Organisms in Tennessee:  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3  Test Yourself

A Brief History of the World (in 2 minutes)

What A Wonderful World BBC with Sir Attenborrough

A Farmers Advice

Truth Land (the facts about fossil fuel mining "fracking")

How to remember stuff and The Wonderful Number 12!

Earth Day 2012

World Geography

Biological Hazards of the Mid-south

How to Extract your own DNA

Anatomy & Physiology Lab Models (Tipton Co. campus, courtesy of Brandi Heguy)

Anatomy & Physiology Lab Models (Dyersburg campus)

Muscle Man (anterior)  Muscle Man (posterior)

 McGrawHill Online Learning Center (interactive textbook for Anatomy)

Etymology of Anatomy (where all those strange words come from)

Bone & Skeletal Mnemonics (memorization aids)

Jeopardy Game  (play and review for your next test!)

Osmosis Jones   (video game where you, a white blood cell, fights infection)

Virtual Autopsy  (you be the Dr.)

Virtual Embryology  (see the developing embryo)

Online Dictionary (with audio pronunciations)

PBS Nature Site (African Safari and other fun learning material)

Great wildlife photos   Pollination Magic

Melanistic fawn

First artificial cell created

Biology Potpourri (web-link with the best of the best)

Tennessee Frogs & Toads (see all species and hear their calls)

The Human Planet (courtesy BBC)

Left vs. Right Side of Brain

Favorite Links and Humor (view one of these daily to brighten your day)

See photos from Hubble Space Telescope (and listen to Monty Python sing about the universe)

Personal Photos

Contact Information:  731-445-1411

Mailing address:  
  Dyersburg, Tennessee, 38024
  Email:  kj87344@gmail.com

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